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Productive processes and technological development

Our strenght is to be both client and supplier

Productive processes and technological development

We well know which are the needs both of the customer  and the supplier.
Customer is the center of our job and on its needs we developed our research and innovation. We are aware that battles against our competitors are won  also with a best service, not only with a best price. 

Cold Forging

The most common equipment used for wire cold forging, is represented from multi- station horizontal presses, 5/6 multi-station with universal transfer, with wire forging capacity from Ø 11 to Ø 40.
Different workable material and the partnership with the most important raw material suppliers , allowed to produce pieces with high complexity in terms of dimensional and geometrical conformations.

High production yield of the plants, allows us to maintain orders and deliveries on every level, national or international.
Maximum molding power 610 tons and a productivity capacity of 90.000.000 pieces per year.

Sheet metal shearing and bending

Clamp manufacturing is done through transfer that allow the realization in one productive cycle.
The operations carried out in sequence are : blanking, marking, drilling, threading, welding nut and folding.
Through sampling, nut tightness is verified with the help of torque wrenches and the thread quality with tampons passes / does not pass.

Pipe processing

All sawing machines are equipped with automatic loading and unloading and include deburring, measure and collection systems. 
All the cutting lines are planned to work in unattended mode during the different phases : load and power usupply from bundle, cut, online measure and collection.

Turning of steel and brass

In the turning site there are CNC lathes dedicated to steel fittings production from 1.1/4” to 2” and for the brass from 3/8” to 1”.

Shooting processing

Shooting processing are made on 50% of cold forging pieces.
Processing of internal and/or external thread, can be done through chip removal (tapping to tapping) or for deformation (rolling tapping), hole boring and countersinking operations, based on specific customer request.
Each equipment is equipped with baffle box, in order to allow sample check of pieces through tampons in compliance with UNI norms regarding thread and rolling.
Moreover, on pieces according to the customer’s design, we execute internal and external thread operations with 100% thread presence selection control.

Quality control

Based on customer request, pieces can be 100% checked through eddy current machines for eventual presence of molding cracks or optical control for dimensional check and thread presence ( request for first system supply ).
Thanks to that the company became synonimus of reliability, investing on specialized blue collar and high professional equipments to check the quality on finished products.
The available equipments allows us to verify all the processes, starting from machine set up with dimensional controls, guaranteeing full conformity of our products in each product phase.
Verifications are done starting from the 3.1 certification of raw material employed, enlarging to all production phases with the use of control templates and tampons, keeping  quality and safety for the final user.

Galvanic treatments and powder coating

All the products can be coated with galvanizing or with galvanizing and epossidic powder coating.
Possibility of sealed trivalent white zinc plating, sealed trivalent iridescent zinc plating or zinc nickel, where high resistance to red corrosion is required.
All treatments above mentioned are done by external certified supplier working in partnership.


Logistic is managed through bar code. Material can be shipped in cases (Automotive and first implant), in boxes with Oter brand or customer customized.
Shipment is guaranteed in 48 h in Italy through the partnership with the most important courier service.
For specified markets we guarantee a safety buffer stock for the customer.

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