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(+39) 0354387111

Technical support
(+39) 0354387109

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Customer support (+39) 0354387111     Technical support (+39) 0354387109
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Productive sectors

We have always created solutions and we offer constant development over time.

Building sector

OTERFIX is a specific product line in order to satisfy every need of fixing on all type of base material (concrete, masonry, plasterboard...).
OTERFIX line offers a wide range  of solutions for different situations, even critical, you can find in installation phase.
Clamps for pipes
Light and heavy bracketing
Light and heavy bracketing in stainless steel AISI 304 (A2)
Anti-seismic bracketing
Passive fire protection
Fixing for sanitary
Fixing for plasterboard
Fixing for radiators
Fixing for air condition
Fixing dowels


AQUAOTER is a product line studied to offer solutions for heating and hydraulic installations.
Fittings for radiators
Steel threaded fittings
Welding fittings
Brass fittings

Automotive and hydraulics sectors

OTERFORGING is a company division that provides to the customers its experience in the cold forging world.
8 cold forging equipments.
5/6 molding stations with universal transfer.
Maximum molding power 610 tons


Packaging department is able to satisfy all our customer needs

Cold forging

High production yield of the plants, allows us to maintain orders and deliveries on every level, national or international.

Study and development of production equipments

Technical office is able to develop the design of equipments needed to realize customized products.

Control of molded pieces for stray currents

Based on customer request, molded pieces can be submitted to a 100% control through stray currents equipments.

Thread and milling with machining centers

Molded pieces can be shooting by processing of internal and/or external thread through transfer whose guarantee in processing a high standard level in production and quality.

Heat and surface treatments

Galvanizing and painting treatments are done by external certified supplier working in partnership.

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