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Planning and development

We study and realize solutions

Planning and development

An evolution in balance with the needs of the market, proposing solutions to satisfy the customer's requests.


Our productive cycle is planned starting from the material choice till the packaging of product.
Every product development follows a clear management process in innovation and planning, starting from the first idea, technical realization, till samples production with relevant production and control systems.


The knowledge of production process of the molds and the material usable, in combination with the possibility to exploit the best mould technologies, allows to realize the product togheter with the customer, helping both to define the technical construction specifications and the use of suitable and performing materials.
Our partner help us even in the moulding phase, where wear and fatigue problems on gear are solved,
in order to study solutions responding to needs of major efficency and productivity.


The production cycle ends with the use of equipments with 100% quality check “zero waste “ on product dedicated to oil & gas and automotive markets.
Oterforging is the brand used to identify this product line.

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