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Customer support
(+39) 0354387111

Technical support
(+39) 0354387109

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Customer support (+39) 0354387111     Technical support (+39) 0354387109
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Oter: one brand, one story.

Leader in the thermohydraulic, sanitary fixing and industrial fixing fields.

80 years of experiencies.

Founded in 1933 by Enrico Tentori, during the years OTER have been able to evolve itself following the market trend, proposing always tecnological products and rich of contents.

Today Oter is one of the Italian leaders in the thermohydraulic field, sanitary and piping fixing.
That position is opening perspective of growth on Italian and export markets.

The production potential have brought Oter to diversify the offer in three different brands : Aquaoter, Oterfix and Oterforging, that become the identyfing elements for the specific products for fixing systems and custom production.

Our objectives

Our objectives

Our objectives


Our mission is to improve our Client’s work quality

The Oter aim is to understand market needs and customer’s expectations and to transform them in internal requirements with the final purpose to improve and optimize the supplied services. Rationalization of the resources and technological innovation are involving the whole productive process, through the adoption of a technologically advanced mechanics.

The investements have rapidly moved towards an efficency increase, reaching high quality standard on finished product and a high manufacturing capacity.
An objective in which Oter engages its own human resources and techologies to ensure ideal conditions in all enviroments, from private house till to big industries.

Attention to Customer

Its our must to get satisfied Clients. We want to sustain them in their job, offering consulting and technical assistance. We want to keep in touch directly with them through instruments always more suitable to their needs and expectations.

Transparency and reliability

We were born in a reality where name reputation is based on years of engagement and honesty of the work.
Our position in working enviroment is refining during the years in order to always guarentee transparency and reliability.
Everybody knows it, our suppliers, our partners, but overall, our Clients know.

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